A preliminary study of the project for the production of egg trays


Egg trays production  one of  the  cardboard industries which are required for poultry  for its durability to protect eggs

The importance of the project:

Kuwait is of the countries that consume large amounts of paper in addition to increasing the number of newspapers and magazines published daily or weekly All this has led to increase the size of the amount of paper consumed. And now the world is heading to recycle waste paper or paper user in order to reduce the amount of paper made from trees in addition to reducing the amount of paper that some people incinerated in order to get rid of them, which leads to increased carbon dioxide and this It leads to air pollution which affects the world.

So is a project for the production of empty egg trays from the economic importance and environmental projects. And that the presence of many poultry farms This project is also available ores and huge quantities of waste either bodies or presses in addition to

Paper size residues present in landfills so it is clear the importance and needs of the community for such a project.

It should be noted that Kuwait produces, according to statistics in 2006 about 22574.2 tons of eggs, as the egg weight of about 55 grams, the number of eggs produced 410 million eggs and this is equivalent to the proportion of self-sufficiency by 71% of the consumed quantity estimated amount of 31 879 tons. Here we can calculate the amount of egg trays that you need the State of Kuwait, it estimated at about 13.68 million egg trays

Raw materials

Raw materials involved in the manufacture of egg trays based on local raw materials from used paper by 80% and the core of a mixture of wood and a long short fibers by 18% and alum solution in addition to detergents by 2%.

To produce a ton of egg dishes, we need the following materials:

Item Percentage
Paper waste 80 %
Wood pulp mixture 18 %
Chemicals for cleaning 0.20 %
Alum  1.80%

The project produces all egg Trays which features high .marketing opportunities also it can produce empty fruit  trays  in the next phases of the project.