Environmental programmes:

The Al-Khalaf consultancy and Training Centre seeks to assist members of the community, companies and agencies in the importance of preserving the environment and its components and prevent pollution, rationalize the use of their resources and address the risks they may face for the safety and health of individuals and society to ensure sustainable development and life To present and future generations and to take the appropriate decision to solve existing environmental problems and to prevent the emergence of new environmental problems in the field of environmental advisory studies:-Environmental impact assessment-strategic Environmental Design-risk assessment-conducting health audits and verifying Safety and environmental auditing waste management:-waste recycling and reuse solutions-waste investigation plans
-Inspection and identification of waste components–processing and adjusting wastes internally–options for wastewater treatment repair and control:-Soil and groundwater rehabilitation
-Assessment of groundwater Vulnerability-SEA-water quality control-contingency planning for oil spills or leakage of chemicals in the area of safety, industrial security and fire:
-Occupational safety and security is defined as a set of procedures through which both the worker and the facility operating in of any material damage or risk to the production of economy in various fields and the concept of industrial security encompassing all areas requiring labour force We are referring to the areas of agriculture, trade, mining, professional crafts and so on.

Fire field:

Al-Khalaf sought to sign a contract with ISTC company, a company established in Malta, which offers its firefighting services and has been carried out by the back house and through the Dar al-Khalaf Institute has implemented several specialized fire fighting courses in cooperation with the General Department of Fire Prevention.

• General Fire Department.

Field of training:

A. Former company:

Training courses in the area of safety and security of facilities
1 Fire and rescue training programme on farms General Department of Fire Fighting
2 training Program (shift bosses) general Fire Department
3 Training Programme (Accident site management) General Fire Department
4 Training Programme (High building Accident site management) General Fire Department

Industrial safety and security programmes for factories:

Training Area: Dar al-Khalaf consultancy and training company was represented at Dar al-Khalaf Institute for Community Training and in cooperation with flour Mills company implementation of several courses such as:-Trade, transport and storage of chemicals-requirements safety For the ash and winches-personal protection tasks-managing high building accident sites
-Work environment risks
-Safety in manual number use
-Safety requirements in scaffolding, demolition and construction

Petroleum Programs:

Course Area:

-Management courses-security and safety courses-work environment risk cycles