Economic programs:

Economic consultancy is one of the most important means used in large and micro enterprises, companies and institutions, as well as management consulting and marketing consultancy, which are ultimately the tools of project success, reaching the maximum profit and estimating the current and future market size Well, the economic consultancy of any successful institution is the way any company or institution advances, developing investment, continuing and securing continuous physical return by God’s permission and often fixed income and moving away from future risks.

field of economic feasibility studies:
A. Previous experience of the company:

Preparation of 17 preliminary feasibility studies for 17 food projects to be implemented by Kuwaiti youth initiatives for the Kuwaiti company for small businesses.
A. Feasibility study of the Lahem Poultry project in Kuwait in cooperation with the Arab Company for the development of livestock of the League of Arab States (based in Saudi Arabia).
B-Technical feasibility study for the production and manufacture of camel and goat milk (Mr. Talal al-Wawaan).
C-Study of the feasibility of making animal feeds using bread at certain rates for the Kuwaiti flour mills and bakeries company.
D-Study of the feasibility of manufacturing fodder for various animals for flour mills and Kuwaiti bakeries company.
E. Technical and economic feasibility study for sheep and goat husbandry and dairy processing (for the holding business).
F. Technical and economic feasibility study for the establishment of a farm for the cultivation of clover and sheep breeding for the Mubarak al-Mubarki sons company.
G. Technical and economic feasibility study for the construction of a sheep breeding farm in Ethiopia.

Types of economic feasibility studies:
1. Marketing Feasibility Study
2. Technical Feasibility Study
3. Financial Feasibility Study
4. Legal Feasibility Study
5. Social Feasibility Study