Dar Al-Khalaf provides knowledge, experience, specialized skills and creativity, contacts and tools.

We give advice related to strategy and planning, product branding and positioning and other considerations, as well as franchise planning.

Marketing consultation services are usually provided within the context of the four components of the marketing mix:

Product – what products are available and how they are packaged and labeled
Price – setting a price to attract desired customers, while also creating the desired profit for the company
Promotion – letting consumers know about the products through means such as advertising, personal selling, publicity, and sales promotions
Place of distribution – where products are sold and what channels are used to distribute the products
Dar Al-Khalaf stay current on the many new developments in marketing, including the new mediums through which marketing reaches its intended audience. A consultant needs the ability to dig into a business and develop solutions that fit the unique situation of that particular business. Good communication and leadership skills are essential, as is creativity and an inherent understanding of how to reach various target markets.

Marketing Consulting Services
Marketing strategy defines the business and how it wants to position itself in the marketplace. Strategy is based on overall business goals.

A marketing strategy includes:

  • Defining the business and its products or services
    Creating a profile of target customers
    Applying findings from analysis of past marketing campaigns
    Determining the role of the business in the marketplace in relationship to the competition
    Understanding the market climate and marketing strengths and weaknesses
    Other important pieces of strategy include positioning and brand strategy – defining the elements of a brand and how it fits into the marketplace – and product and pricing strategy.

Marketing planning is mapping the process for reaching target customers. Questions involved in planning include:

How do target customers respond to both online and offline media?
How do the target customers search for, study, shop for, and buy the products/services being sold?
What marketing approaches will work?
What happens if one aspect of the plan changes?
Does the marketing plan fit the strategy?
Do we know what would happen if we change one element of the plan?

The many other considerations in the marketing strategy and planning process may include:

  • Developing marketing objectives and policies
    Forecasting sales
    Setting up customer service
    Market research
    Licensing and franchise planning