Port and shipping programs:


Ports and maritime transport are an important role in any country where it is a very important artery in securing the safe and sound arrival of goods. The training of port workers and maritime transport and raising their technical and administrative competence is very important for the success of any maritime port and shipping institution in the world.
Which was sought by Dar Al-Khalaf Consulting and Training Company through the Dar Al-Khalaf Institute for Private Training in collaboration with the international and regional training institutions and the signing of work contracts with it, including the Ports Academy for Technical Studies and Transport of the Saudi Ports Corporation in Dammam. Dar Al Khalaf Company prepares young people with intermediate qualifications to work professionally in the field of seaports for carrying out their duties according to the levels and standards of education and training specified by the public organizations Mieh specialized in this field, particularly the International Maritime Organization and the International Labor Organization and the United Nations Development pelletizing


Development Programs Group:

1. Marine programs:
– IMO programs and international conventions
– Mandatory programs for maritime labor on ships
– Mandatory programs for marine labor within ports
– International Maritime Code Programs
– Maritime drivers in port
– Various marine programs
– Environmental pollution control programs
2- Engineering and technical programs:
– Basic engineering and technical programs
– Engineering and technical maintenance programs for equipment
– Engineering drivers for equipment
– Welding technology programs
3. Administrative Development Programs:
– Management and general supervision programs
– Specialized management and supervision programs for ports and maritime transport
– Quality programs
– Human resources programs
– Legal Affairs Programs
4- Port and logistics programs
– Marine Ports Management Programs
– Electronics management software for ports
– Logistics programs
5- Programs of safety, safety and occupational health
6. Computer programs and information systems
7- English language programs
8- Container terminal management and operation programs
– PDP development programs
– Container terminal drivers
– Simulator software for cranes and trucks in ports

Second area of ​​training

1- Specialized technical diplomas:

– Ship Management Diploma
– Diploma of Marine Operations Management
– Diploma in International Transport and Logistics Management
– Diploma in the management and operation of ports
– Maritime Extension Diploma
– Diploma of VTS
– Diploma of Maritime Transport
– Diploma in the management and operation of container terminals
– Marine pollution control diploma
– Diploma of Safety, Health and Occupational Health

2 – Qualifying programs:

– Basic studies for the qualification of maritime labor
– Maritime guidance for the BA campaign of navigation

3- Marine Search and Rescue
– Rehabilitation of workers in sea ports
– Rabies locomotives
– Leading a safari to work on the coast
– Supervisors of berths
– Certificate (Third Officer – Second Officer – First Officer – Master)
– Certificate (Third Engineer – Second Engineer – Chief Engineer)
– Rehabilitation of naval inspectors