A preliminary study of The project to produce mushrooms


Mushroom is a mushroom used in food since the ancient Egyptians have been called many names in the citizen assembled or produced (food of kings – food nobles), which is grown in the temperate regions of the world and is now grown especially east countries and the United States and one of the largest producing countries (350 thousand tons / year) and then France, the Netherlands, England, Italy and China, Japan and Korea.

The mushrooms are important horticultural crops that global demand is increasing and it has become a global production from more than 4 million tons per year and the trade volume of more than 15 billion dollars as it is of high nutritional value of food to the high content of protein and vitamins and minerals especially phosphorus and salts of potassium, calcium and magnesium, sodium and iron in addition to the content of amino acids.

There are many types of fungi mushrooms in the world that produces more wild, but there are about 15 species having the capacity of the high prevalence in all countries of the world

The importance of the project:

It is the project of producing mushrooms of successful investment projects, especially agricultural intensification projects as a production per square meter of 15-20 kg making it one of the highest rates of production and ensure adequate income both for young people or investors with job creation good or reduce the problem of unemployment in addition to its contribution to the reduction of the food gap for the animal protein and the establishment of a project like this also contributes to the reduction of the pollution problem, and through the use of agricultural waste project and in a manner which is true of the increased economic returns for investment in this area in addition to the reduction of damages that result from the spread of pests and rodents as a result of the disposal of waste bad ways.

The requirements and conditions for agriculture

Environment processing: a basic soil which is cultivated mushrooms, and the environment is the processing of coarse wheat straw, or, I believe any vegetable residue or other fields. Then add rose 5% + 5% Agricultural Gypsum, then packed in bags of plastic scheduler, and then placed in barrels of water to soak for 3 hours, then heats the drums until 2 hours boiling.

  • Then lift the container and leave it to cool temperature, and drain a large proportion of the excess water, and can be left about 6 hours before planting and up to 48 hours. (This is the environment or soil mushrooms You may buy them ready-made agricultural bodies in Arab countries or companies that operate in the mushrooms and they are many in the Arab region.
  • Buy seeds from an accredited places
  • Providing the right place either a room or basement is built, as well as a greenhouse … thermometer to measure the temperature.
  • Featuring mushrooms from other projects easily be planted so that anyone can be implemented successfully if he adheres to a number of basic steps
  • The most important are: –
  • hygiene into account the full production of the site, whether it be a room or warehouse or greenhouse or, and the windows must be on a tight wire for not entering the insects,
  • walls and be free of cracks and openings that may contain insects and germs, must also cleanse the site before planting using disinfectants.
  • temperature, vary according to the type of mushrooms used for example in the type should range between 18-22, and no more than 25, while the mushroom type Albulurts range from 18-28, and there are Chinese type who needs to temperatures from 30 to 34.
  • Do not increase the percentage of moisture in it to 85% for all types of mushrooms, not exposed to direct sunlight so as not to weaken the fruits. When agriculture towards plastic exposed to the sun, it must be covered by entangling shading


The project needs to be an area of ​​between 150-200 square meters and is used style of agriculture in the cylinder, which is the best and most famous in the Arab countries for being less expensive and less space in the place and the cylinder length of 1.5 meters and a diameter of 30 cm, and the need to 35 environment kg +1 kg, produces about 5 kg fruits of the session (10 weeks), and can be used in homes and medium-sized closets. on the linoleum on the floor and then mixing of seeds, and packaged in the cylinder after that, such as the mobilization of concrete columns, and shall shake the disc more than once during planting so that there are many air gaps and then connects the plastic cover from the top after completing the filling, then the cylinders stacked in rows. It must be between each cylinder and the other 50 cm from all sides with an attempt to install a plumb through the wires and pipes in the walls.