A Preliminary study of the project of Recycling Waste plastic

 Introduction :

Plastic recycling is the resultant of industrial products from the remnants of important processes to reduce the environmental damage caused by the disposal of these wastes by incineration operations, which cause a lot of damage and serious disease process

The importance of the project:

The production of such important of recycling old plastic process plastic products and human treats direct way to avoid health damage resulting from it.

The project is a small plastic production

Production requirements:

Waste plastic polyethylene, which represents a large proportion of plastic waste, polyvinyl chloride, followed by a less commonly used in electricity, water mains isolation and jerry cans of chemicals, pipes and polypropylene comes down by a user in abundance in woven bags for packaging fertilizer industry.

Research has shown that some types of plastic mixing some improved properties.


The project is the production of small plastic chairs that can be used inside the house in the kitchens, bathrooms and balconies due to their small size and weight, making it easy to transport, and can be used in these chairs, beaches and short trips and public parks

It is worth mentioning that the chair is made up of two bases and weighing 0.77 kg, and the body of the chair consists of two parts weigh 1.1 kg per chair that any weight of 1.9 kg.

Technical elements of the project

Stages of  production

  • The cleaning and washing of plastic waste and immerse it in the washing basins with water laced with liquid soap to clean any dust or fat stuck.

  • Are drying process of the transfer of materials from wash basins to the drying beds and equipped with a network of stainless steel with a permeability of 1 mm.

  • cracking raw materials are in the process of cracking plastic for ease of manufacturing machine.

  • Raw materials are placed in the injection machine to form a product which is about an electric furnace to melt the plastic, then pressed by the injector helix formation to different dies with product cooling system.

  • The inspections are producing parts.

  • Assemble the parts are produced chairs.

The site area

This project needs to place an area of ​​200 square meters and requires ventilation windows pull fumes.

Supplies and required services

The project needs to an electrical source for lighting and to run the plastic cracking machine and injection machine and a source of water.