A financial and economic feasibility study for the production of ketchup and tomato paste.

The technical study Production of tomato sauce and ketchup


The tomato and ketchup sauce industry is one of the most frequently requested products in periods of non-availability of tomato crop or increasing prices. In order to maintain the health and nutritional conditions of tomato sauce and its derivatives, it is treated with the absolute sterilization system known as commercial sterilization while maintaining the highest possible quality of food for color, taste, strength, nutritional value and suitability for consumption.
The proposed project can be implemented in agricultural areas such as Wafra and Abdali areas or near them. These areas are characterized by the cultivation of different types of tomatoes and abundant production.

Project goals:

The objective of the project is to produce tomato sauce and its derivatives using an automated system that can achieve the possibility of manufacturing high quality products that help reduce the loss of raw materials. In addition, the tomato prices will be used to intensify production during the periods of the crop.

Products :

  • tomato sauce.
  • ketchup.
  • Tomato powder.

production line :

The stages of manufacturing are summarized in successive lines:

Washing – sorting – chopping – shredding – filtering – leveling with the addition of preservatives – packing – sterilization – storage.


  includes management and factory buildings, some ponds, warehouses and other facilities

Equipment and machinery.

includes all the necessary equipment, machinery, equipment and means of transportation for the project.

Raw Materials:

 The main raw materials used are fresh tomato crop with some secondary additives for conservation.

Space and location.

The project requires sufficient space for manufacturing and storage equipped to install the equipment and supplies. The project requires electrical energy, a good source of ventilation, drainage and water source, with wall cladding with easy to wash and clean materials.


The project needs specialized technical employment as well as other regular labor that requires training for some time.

Sales and marketing .

The project targets a broad marketing segment, and the product requires a high degree of quality to meet the health and nutritional requirements of the community.

The packaging and packaging quality are the most important elements of attracting the consumer, in addition to the nature of the content and the extent of adaptability to address and the availability of health conditions in the product.

 Marketing channels.

  •  Cooperative societies are specialized shops in the sale of food.
  •  Wholesale stores for food.
  •  Export to neighboring countries.

Health and environmental requirements.

  •  Selecting a suitable site for the project .
  • To take care of general cleaning for the place and equipments before and after the usage .
  • Provide ventilation and automatic pull-down system to reduce emissions concentration and maintain
  • temperature.
  • Safe disposal of solid waste.