Technical and economic feasibility study for the establishment of an olive oil production plant

Introduction :
Olive is one of the most widespread trees in the Arab world, especially in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. This spread is linked to the economic, environmental and social importance of olives in these countries. In view of this importance, the governments of these countries have focused on the development of this sector during the past three decades, which contributed to a significant increase in production. However, due to the concentration of efforts on the productive aspects without much attention to the areas of manufacturing and marketing has emerged many of the problems and constraints that have limited the progress of this sector in many Arab countries, the most important of which is the inability of Arab products to compete in global markets and sometimes in local markets, Quality or prices.

The olive tree is a good source of food, resistant to plant diseases, and the juice, vinegar, or powder of olive leaves is a strong antibiotic and antiviral. It strengthens the immune system, which protects the body from disease and infection and reduces the symptoms of cold, smallpox and herpes viruses. The leaves have a strong anti-bacterial substance, such as viruses, parasites, yeast and progesterone, which inhibits their growth. Oil is also rich in iron-reinforced elements of the body.

The processed olive oil is a cold-pressed olive oil (called virgin oil) or solvents. It treats frequent allergies, gastrointestinal problems and mild laxative. It treats swelling of the lymph nodes, swelling of joints, pain, lack of appetite, swollen sinuses and respiratory problems, especially asthma, skin ulcers, The infection and muscle weakness, used by the Greeks to clean wounds and healing, an antifungal, fungus, parasites and viruses and is useful in hemorrhoids and light diuretic, for this they were taking to treat gout and reduce body sugar and blood pressure and strengthen This immune system is useful in the treatment of viral diseases, lupus, hepatitis, AIDS, prostate, psoriasis and bladder infections.

And the advantage of olive oil from other animal and vegetable fats that it is easy to digest, as the rest of the oils and fats to several digestive processes before the body can absorb, because the fat that contains the same as fat in breast milk, that is easy absorption, and this makes food useful for children And the elderly, it contains a large amount of vitamin D is necessary and contains important substances that contribute to the strengthening of the nerves, and contains antioxidants, which have great benefits, contributing to the destruction of harmful particles accumulated in the body, which helps to maintain their health .

Olive oil contains oleic and palmitic acid with antioxidants such as flavonoids, vitamin E and carotene, which regulate glucose levels in blood. Olive oil also slows digestion in the stomach, helping to slow the sugar increase.
Problem of the study:
In general, there are many types of food products, specifically olive oil, which vary in terms of taste, shape, quality of manufacture, price and source of production, whether local or imported. The olive products are divided into several main types, and olive fruits are of high nutritional value. They are rich in carbohydrates 19%, protein 1.6%, mineral salts 1.5%, cellulose 5.8%, various vitamins in addition to their high content of oil and 15-20% olive oil Extracted by natural methods of health and nutritional benefits for its chemical composition distinct from other vegetable oils: –

Its high content of single fatty acid non-saturation (oleic acid) which has great benefits in preventive medicine.
Balanced composition of many unsaturated fatty acids (such as breast milk).
Its antioxidant content protects unsaturated fatty acids from oxidative oxidation.
Its content is of different vitamins, especially vitamin E & A.
Its content of pentastrol prevents the absorption of cholesterol.
Its content is cycloar thnol, which activates the excretion of cholesterol by increasing the excretion of bile. Numerous studies have shown that olive oil has a positive relationship with: gastrointestinal diseases gastrointestinal disorders constipation ulcers acidity of the stomach activating the liver and increasing bile secretion gallstones gallstones brain growth and nervous system for the fetus and postpartum children osteoporosis aging tumors cholesterol cholesterol atherosclerosis heart disease diabetes skin diseases.Hence the idea of ​​establishing an integrated plant for the production of olive oil in Kuwait, in order to meet the need of the market and contribute to provide this consumer product to the local market with higher quality and lower cost, and throughout the year.

Objectives of the study:

The main objective of the study is to know the economic and financial feasibility of establishing a plant for the production and distribution of olive oil in the State of Kuwait. The study also aims at presenting and analyzing the aspects and dimensions of the project economically, from the technical, marketing, administrative, financial and environmental aspects, in order to verify the project on sound economic bases.

– The study should be comprehensive, technical, marketing, administrative and financial aspects.

– The study should rely on documented data and information.

– The study should consider the characteristics of time and place.

– The study should determine the feasibility of the project. – The study should assist in drawing up the project implementation plan.

Project message:

Towards society: Meeting the wishes of the community with the new and the innovative.

Towards Customers: Gain customer satisfaction by offering good and distinctive factory products and services with a rewarding return.
Towards suppliers: Attention to suppliers’ products of raw materials in olive industry with good communication and strong distribution with effective promotion.

Towards Employees: Providing material and moral satisfaction to employees and encouraging creativity among employees.
To the owners of the company: Commitment to values ​​and ethics and dedication to work and achieve high status of the plant and the growth of local and international with a profitable profit.

Towards human cadres:

– The recruitment of high-caliber professional and qualified cadres with extensive experience in the professional, technical, financial, administrative, sales, marketing and customer service during and after the sale will be provided with the latest technology.
– The sales and marketing team will be provided with strategic policies and studies prepared by specialized experts in their fields.
– We will provide air-conditioned and cooled warehouses to the latest international specifications to take care of the quality of storage of our product and linking all warehouses with the public administration with a network of transport and modern computers.