Medicinal and Aromatic Plants are agricultural crops unconventional. There are about 2,000 species of which grow wild in the Arab world, it is grown specifically for industrial purposes. These plants are used either by drying or extracting oil from them.

The importance of the project

 Broad global concern went to cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants for use or use parts of them to get the aromatic oils that  used  in  several industrial components as alternative   to numerous of chemical formulations .

The Arab region occupies a prominent place among the world medical herbs exporters, especially to Europe, where the increasingly popular use of medicinal plants and herbs in the treatment.

Medicinal and aromatic plants gain its importance in the industry uses such as:

Food industry (natural flavors materials and natural preservative).

Pharmaceutical industry (various types of medicines, eye drops, and paints .).

Cosmetics industry (shampoos, cream, oils)

Perfume industry of all kinds.

Chemical Industries (soap, air freshener, pesticides, ….)

beverage industries (pollen –  Ginger – chamomile, etc)

The price of a kilo grams of essential oils reach hundreds of dinars so be sure of their quality and not defraud, it determines the price of many factors, the most important of confidence in the availability of the product, and make sure the controls and restrictions and controls on these products and then

The availability of sufficient appropriate analytical tests whether natural or chemical or sensory tests. ,Aromatic water and is considered one of which outputs essential oils extracted during one of the oldest aromatic products since the ancient Egyptians and even the Middle Ages, a water emulsions, water-saturated solutions serene volatile oils. Usually used for termite flavor, such as rose water or orange blossom water or water mint and others, and also have therapeutic qualities characteristic.

 Raw materials:

Some raw materials from plants and herbs, medicinal crops can be extracted oils aromatic well in Kuwait are available, and increasingly now tracts of land planted to these crops in some friendly Arab countries, which can import quantities at affordable prices in order to correspond to local needs and export the surplus out of the country.

 The most important of these plants:

Medicinal plants and herbs and aromatic plants


Given the high variability in the composition of different essential oils, it must be obtained from different plants and in ways that suit the nature of each plant and the quality of its aromatic oils and rate and degree of sensitivity to heat and its uses.

Therefore, essential oils combination resulting vary depending on the nature of each natural and specifications plant, but in all cases the product of essential oils is an important and highly sensitive product and should take care of him well, and to be free of exotic and free of toxic metals and non-volatile residues . And due to the use of these oils in an important and accurate industries such as perfumes, cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals industries.

Technical elements of the project

Manufacturing stages

aromatic and medicinal oils manufacturing process and drawn from several plants stages including:

Phase 1 : The initial stage: the stage of cleaning

Are cleaned medicinal and aromatic plants or seeds or fruits of a good cleaning is dust, insects and exotic plants that may exist with indigenous plants and all other types of impurities.

The plants must be smelly natural, healthy and free and the color of the bloc and rotting . cleaning process of sorting and filtering and then washing with running water and filtered water

 Phase 2: the stage of processing

The processing plant is divided into parts or into slices if large size, can also be chopping wood branches into thin slices or grated or grinded small pieces. (Such as lemon leaf, olive, orange, …).

Phase3: Freezing

The plants are placed (such as plants, roses, mint, basil ….)

Especially for flowers, leaves, weeds and small branches directly in the oil extraction machine parts, and other parts, which have been crushed and shredded and Jurscha which large parts are fed by the process of recovery in the refrigerator, under a temperature of 20º C for two or three days and then directly enter the extraction process and is frozen , this process keeps the components as they are good condition.

Phase 4: the process of distillation:

distillation process is considered essential and important in the extraction of medicinal and aromatic oil.