A preliminary study of the project compost production


 Make use of  the palm trees to produce  fertilizer to the soil where the farmer  combines remnants of bark and palm leaves and shamrock cores and dead palms or infected with pests and insects are being burned all with animal waste and then embedded in a deep hole called (Tabanh) to aperiod of time until the ferment and turn into ashes any manure and then extract and singled out on the soil surface and plowed land made up so my compost helps soil fertility and quality of crops.

And must spraying fertilizer with pesticides to avoid the presence of worms and insects in it.

Is the date palm source of many necessary for some industries raw materials list and projects on palm products has led to an effort to develop the technology for some of these industries, including compost alternatives industry, one of the small industries that can be set up in farming communities, where available palm cultivation and agricultural equipment.

You need the palm trees that are growing under normal circumstances remove some of the fronds and palm leaves and securities as part of the maintenance process Here they give one palm approximately 100 kg of palm leaves and fronds that contains a high content of protein and organic matter.

 The need to build the project

Organic fertilizers are considered basic and important element in fueling private farms in seedlings and ornamental plants and the fertilizer manufacturer types of palm residues, which are available in large quantities in the rural communities and the prices of these types of fertilizers imported from abroad are high up the price per ton of which about 100 dinars therefore found it appropriate to encourage investment in this area and that fits employment in agricultural communities and that the necessary domestic market of these fertilizers to compete with imported ones and from here it is clear the importance of the proposed project

 Raw Materials

Raw materials needed are available for this project from the fronds and palm fronds, where results from one Palm about 100 kg / year and the advantage complex high content of nutrients and organic matter, and we will find that a ton of palm fronds and palm leaves produced from 10 Palms and it when a project to produce 90 tons of manure a year of this project will require a number of palm trees ranges between 900: 720 palm with a note that the collection of palm leaves and fronds season is in the months of September and October to January and February each year.

It is also the raw materials used in fertilizer production project, some additives such as steroids and some biological compounds free of salt and water.


The project could produce multiple products including, for example:

  1. Organic fertilizers.
  2. production of silage as feed for livestock.
  3. The project will be headed in the early stages to the production of organic fertilizers from palm residues.

 Substantive elements of the project

(1) manufacturing stages

Manufacturing stages of the products of this project depends on addressing the palm remnants of fronds and palm leaves by composting with the addition of some chemical stimulants or biological The composting process in the air of the most efficient biological processes used for the treatment of organic waste in general because it is through the elimination of the causes of diseases and weed seeds during the fermentation process antenna in addition to reducing the volume of waste.

Dependent manufacturing stages in this project on the use of matrices system in the composting process after chopping with the addition of some of the components of the spray water free of salinity and tonic biological and some chemical compounds and elements.

 The composting process is divided into two phases:

1-Phase I:

Takes about a month and where the machine by flipping own inversion Almkmurat periodically with adding water when needed.

2-Phase II:

It takes about a month to complete the final fermentation process

 (2) the size and location:

The total area of ​​about 400 m2 equipped with the following:

  • building space matrices 5 × 6 m = 30 m2
  • number of matrices 10

(3) the required service requirements:

The project requires 220-volt electrical source with capacity of 3 Ikl.oat with the provision of free of salt water source at a rate suitable for the disposal of the consumption of about 1.5 cubic meters per day with a special equipment project in closed places for good aeration and up the cost of supplies during the service project one month is about 30 dinars.

(4) machinery, equipment, fixtures:

The project is characterized by relying on ordinary farm equipment, which are used in dealing with raw materials and products.