Preliminary study for the industry and the production of white cheese


cheese industry in Kuwait need to the presence of small plants developed technically and technology for the manufacture of cheese and dairy products, where the majority of existing plants already are big factories need large investments and small laboratories are based on the traditional manual simple ways, a premium on the content of food-related pollution problems they are also slow in the ways of production and economic return to its potential and lower costs in check.

The objectives of the project

The project aims to white cheese production using modern and developed technology based on the production of cheese at one stage, instead of using a large number of machines to manufacture and realize that in addition to preventing the transmission output of milk from one phase to another pollution

The main objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. milk processing as quickly as possible and exit of fresh products trading.
  2. Ease of dairy marketing in the form of products.
  3. Ease of transfer of dairy products in the form of non-perishable quickly.
  4. Use a few investments and increase employment opportunities for young people
  • The basic products for small milk processing units:
  1. white cheese and cottage cheese.
  2. cream.
  • Manufacturing Capacity:

Manufacturing capacity estimated unit production of 1-2 tons of milk / day and as such, have the equipment and tools equipped to accommodate 1-2 ton / day.

appliances and equipment required:

  1. receipt of the balance of the milk capacity of 200 kg premiums.
  2. Basin receipt of non-insulated factory of stainless steel 250-liter capacity.
  3. receipt of an isolated tank factory of materials from stainless steel capacity of 1 ton.
  4. insulated tank manufacturing plant of materials from stainless steel double wall for the passage of hot and cold water capacity of 1 ton.
  5. Containers washing Unit.
  6. pasteurization unit 1 ton / hour card include:
  7. Water Heating Unit 40 kilowatts.
  8. Pump hot water.
  9. Thermostat
  10. cooling unit 4 kilowatts (including pump storage tank valves and 2,000 liters).
  11. Cream Extractor 750 liters / hour.
  1. Naturalizer 200 kg / cm 2 card 1 ton / h 7.5 kW / h.
  2. Packaging Machine for plastic containers of 125 g to 500 g – 2,000 package / hour and include transport unit cover.
  3. Milk powder mixing unit 5 tons / hour and 6 kilowatts motor .
  4. Mixing tank from stainless steel and capacity of 1 ton.
  5. Cheese basin made of stainless steel double wall with a capacity of 1 ton.

Equipment and other tools needed:

  1. room (refrigerator) with dimensions of 3.8 m length × 2.6 × 2.3 display high shelves containing 3 ((2.5 m × (2.6) × height of 9.
  2. 40 Milk aluminum Container capacity of 40-45 liters
  3. Plastic bags Machine .
  4. Analyze of stainless steel number 4 per 80-liter capacity.
  5. 3 Stoves with base.
  6. 5 gas large containers .
  7. 26 cubic feet Electric refrigerator to display products

Energy  kits:

  1. 16-kilowatt generator
  2. Boiler capacity of 10 kg.

And the preparation and dairy processing unit as follows:

  • Basic unit.
  • Receiving section.
  • Manufacturing department equipped with heating and cooling.
  • Chilling room (a large refrigerator)
  • Testing devices and quality control laboratory.
  • spare parts.
  • Usually include basic unit equipment for packaging liquid yogurt, milk, cheese, yogurt and cheese manufacturing equipment.
  • all previous equipment are supplied in containers designed for this purpose.
  • The land for the reception of Container equipped with a layer of concrete thickness of 15 cm container. The floor layer is 20-30 cm above the cement layer should preferably be made of ceramic heat-resistant, acid and alkali.
  • prepared for the building space to put the devices in the range of 12 × 13 m to be enough space to include the following:
  • receipt and processing segment.
  • Heat sink portion display area of ​​6 × 3.8 × 2.3 length of the hike.
  • laboratory and workshop maintenance part.
  • It is necessary to focus on cleaning units dairy processing system and is done through a daily program are as follows:
  • Wash tentative about 200 liters of cold water.
  • Handwash with a solution of caustic soda 5%.
  • final laundering by 200 liters of hot water.
  • Energy needs for such units:
  • power 16 kW / h of 380 volts.
  • water 1-2 tons / day.
  • cleaners 2 kg soda.
  • strong workforce 4-6 individuals.
  • If you use a generator needs diesel oil in the range of 50-60 liters / day.
  • cooling unit 3 kilowatts.