Plant production:

Dar Al-khalaf can prepare feasibility studies for the establishment of companies specialized in the following fields:

  • Set up companies specialized in agricultural operations (land preparation, plant protection services,
    agricultural production harvesting).
  • Set up specialized companies working in the field of manufacturing greenhouses and barns.
  • Establishment of companies working in processing, packing and transport of agricultural products
    (plants and animal).
  • Set up companies specialized in the marketing of various agricultural products.
  • Set up companies specialized in imports and manufactures of irrigation equipment and drilling wells
    as well as groundwater pumping machines.
  • Manufacturing dates projects.
  • Projects of manufacturing, packing and freezing vegetables.
  • Manufacturing food projects.
  • Manufacturing of organic fertilizers and chemicals projects.

Animal production:

  • Establishing specialized companies producing veterinary medicines, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.
  • Companies specialized in the field of veterinary pharmacies, eugenic centers and animal strains as well
    as treatment services.
  • Farms and companies that produce poultry, broilers as well as hen mothers, production of table eggs,
    breeding pet birds.
  • Production of red meat and fattening cattle projects.
  • Breeding sheep and goats projects.
  • Projects and companies that produce and manufacture milk and its derivatives.

Fish production:

  • Establishing companies providing machinery and equipment used in fishing such as nets and new
    fishing boats.
  • Aquaculture projects in salt and fresh water.
  • Manufacturing, canning, packaging and freezing fish and shrimps projects.

In the field of quality assurance, training & consulting for Issuing Global certifications

  • Training and consultancy for all programs confirming quality management and food safety based on
    analysis of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).
  • Environmental management systems, occupational safety and other certificates of standard
    specifications adopted internationally in a series of management systems ISO.