A preliminary study for a project to ‎manufacture Hatcheries different birds


The hatchery is only a purpose of the process of providing the appropriate conditions for the fetus to complete its growth and succeed in hatching process. So you must provide the appropriate conditions for the fetus in order to complete its growth and duration of incubation period is between lay fertilized egg hatched in or under the mother until the sauce out of them, namely:

  • 21 Days in chicken
  • 28 Days in turkeys and ducks
  • 29 Days the geese
  • 18 Day in the pigeon and quail

 The hatchery is either naturally or artificially hatching either be natural or artificially concerns us here focus here is on the hatchery industry is to make use of  industrial machinery in hatching eggs, so that conditions are right for hatching a moisture and heat, flipping and lighting.

The importance of the project:

  1. Project contributes to the expansion of intensive production
  2. Production speed and abundance
  3. Variety of birds in production

Hatcheries Types

  1. There are different types of hatching machines and these types vary from one to several factors, the most important
  2. Hatched size: They are either small nine to 30 eggs: 100 eggs or large nine to more than 1,000 eggs and the best of what sought to 20 thousand eggs.
  3. Heat source in hatchery: either be electric  heaters or piping hot water or hot air
  4. Hatched management: to be either manual or semi-automatic or full automatic

The technical requirements of the project

  1. The project produces hatcheries of small type and fit and climatic conditions of the State of Kuwait Featuring Hatcheries following: –
  2. – Full metal body
  3. – Digital temperature sensor and humidity
  4. – Thermal insulation thickness of 30 mm
  5. – Washable interior for maximum hygiene
  6. The hatcheries are manufactured in different sizes for birds of 300-100 eggs
  7. And it is used volt voltage (230-220)

Equipments Required for the Project

The project needs to be a small factory or workshop for assembling Hatcheries and manufacture of some of their parts and components .